Vegetable spring rolls ‘poh pia tohd’ - £4.50

Vegetable rice paper rolls with vermicelli mungbean noodles and homemade tamarind dipping sauce.

Grilled Thai satay - Chicken £4.95, Prawn £5.95

Marinated chicken or prawns on skewers, served with a classic peanut sauce.

Thai tempura - Prawn £5.10, Vegetable £3.95

Served with apricot plum sauce.

Crisp chilli calamari ringlets ‘pla meuk todd’ - £4.80

Chilli coated calamari served with sriracha hot sauce.

Caramelised crispy noodles ‘mee krob’ - £4.70

A toss of soybean-tamarind sauce with chicken and prawns topped with fresh beansprouts.

Spicy fish cake 'todd mun pla’ - £5.20

Served with cucumber & red onion relish.

Prawns rolls ‘goong kra bong’ - £5.10

Tiger prawns wrapped in a jacket of crunchy filo pastry served with tamarind-plum sauce.

Our famous Thai dim sum ‘kanom geep’ - £4.95

Steamed won ton skin filled with minced chicken, prawns and water chestnuts.

Thai herb steamed mussels ‘hoy obb' - £5.20

With lemongrass and sweet basil, served with hot chilli and garlic sauce.

Thai rarebit 'kanom bang na goong’ - £4.95

Minced prawns on toast with sesame seeds.

Crispy tofu ‘tao hoo todd’ - £4.20

With Thai sweet and sour sauce,

Ginger fish in blanket ‘pIa hoom pah’ - £4.50

Wrapped in filo pastry, served with apricot plum sauce.

Siamese hot hors d'oeuvres ‘kongwang thai thai’ - £5.95

Selection of mixed appetisers.

Bangkok tender BBQ spareribs ‘see krong moo yang’ - £5.20

With spring onions and toasted sesame seeds.

Thai crab cake ‘boo jar’ - £5.20

Served with chilli siracha sauce.


Fisherman prawns salad ‘pla goong’ - £5.95

Chargrilled prawns tossed with red onion, chilli and lime dressing.

Guest house salad ‘sa lad kack’ - £4.45

Green salad with cucumber, crispy sweet potato chips, hardboiled eggs and curry peanut dressing.

Grapefruit salad & crispy calamari ringlets ‘yum som o’ - £5.20

With peanuts, toasted shredded coconut and tamarind dressing.

Thai glass noodles salad ‘yum woon sen’ - £4.95

Chicken and prawns, lemon juice and coriander.

Lemongrass Thai beef salad ‘yum nurr’ - £5.95

Tossed with fresh coriander, mint and dry chilli.


Thai comfort glass noodle soup ‘gang jued woon sen’ - £4.25

With tiger prawns, ginger in vegetable broth, transparent noodles and coriander.

Coconut chicken soup ‘tom kha gai’ - £3.95

Lemongrass chicken in coconut and galangal soup.

Tom yum soup ‘tom yum’ - £4.45

Lemongrass prawns or mixed seafood in spicy sour soup.

Gardener soup ‘gang jued pak’ - £3.95

Assorted greens in vegetable broth.

Main Meals

Green or red chicken curry - £6.80

With aubergines, bamboo shoots, coconut milk and fresh basil.

Sweet shredded beef ‘nurr waan’ - £7.80

Sautéed sliced fillet of beef with garlic, coriander. sesame seeds and spring onion.

Family style ginger dish ‘pad khing’ - £7.10

Pork, chicken or beef stir-fried with ginger, wood-ear mushroom and spring onion.

Sweet & sour ‘preaw wan’ - £7.10

Thai sweet and sour with a choice of pork, chicken or beef stir fried with cucumber, fresh tomato, pineapple and spring onion.

Chilli basil chicken, pork or beef ‘pad kra pow’ - £7.10

Wok stir-fried with ‘bird’s eye’ chilli, garlic and Thai basil.

Rainbow trout in three flavour sauce ‘pia trout’ - £8.95

Crispy de-boned trout with ginger savoury hot, sweet and sour sauce.

Caramelised tamarind jumbo prawns ‘goong ma kham’ - £8.95

Tossed with soybean tamarind sauce, crispy fried shallots and cashew nuts.

Phuket jumbo prawns with lemongrass ‘goong ta krai’ - £8.95

A fiery dish from the south of Thailand. With chilli, garlic, coriander and fresh green peppercorn.

Stir-fried mixed seafood with roasted chilli paste ‘talay pad prik pow’ - £8.95

With our home made chilli jam and fresh green peppercorn.

Bangkok stir-fry with cashew nut ‘pad ma muang hima pan’ - Duck £8.95, Chicken £6.80

With shiitake rnushrooms and oyster sauce.

Green devil chili duck ‘pad pet ped yang’ - £8.95

With green curry paste, coconut milk, green peppercorn and lesser ginger.

Chiang Mai chicken hinlay stew ‘gang hung lay’ - £7.00

With ginger, roasted peanuts, tamarind and hinlay powder.

Massaman of braised lamb shank ‘gang massaman ka kea’ - £8.95

Southern style curry with peanut and coconut milk.

Chicken or beef massaman curry - Beef £8.95, Chicken £6.80

Panang curry ‘gang pa nang’ - Prawns or Beef £8.95, Chicken or Pork £6.80

Grandma’s favourite curry. Always made for temple festivals. Cooked with coconut milk, longbean and kaffir lime leaf.

Grilled Siamese duck breast ‘pa nang ped yang’ - £8.95

With sauce of rambutan, green peppercorns, red panang curry, coconut sauce and fresh basil.

Green curry prawns ‘kiew wan goong’ - £8.95

With aubergine, bamboo shoots, lime leaf, coconut milk and sweet basil.

Grilled young chicken ‘gai yang’ - £6.80

Barbequed in thai boxing ring style. Served with tropical chilli sauce.

Samui island chilli swordfish ‘pla pad pet’ - £8.95

With chilli paste and lesser ginger, topped with fried basil.

Pattaya style grilled jumbo prawns ‘goong paw’ - £8.95

Served with tropical storm chilli garlic sauce.

Pan roasted salmon steak ‘choo chee pla’ - £8.95

With tiger prawns and green curry sauce.

Stir fried beef with oyster sauce ‘neua nam mun hoy’ - £7.80

Succulent slices of beef stir-fried with assorted vegetables and cashew nuts in oyster sauce.

Jumbo garlic prawns ‘goong gra tiam’ - £8.95

With our delicious garlic pepper sauce and coriander.

Fillet of pork with garlic coriander ‘moo gra tiam’ - £6.40

Topped with crispy fried garlic.

Vegetarian Favourites

Vegetable green or red curry ‘gaeng pak’ - £6.50

With coconut milk, mixed vegetables, lime leaf and fresh basil.

Stir-fried mixed vegetables and tofu ‘pad pak tow hoo’ - £6.50

Wok stir-fried with savoury garlic sauce.

Pra Ramayana - £6.50

Steamed assorted vegetables with a dressing of warm peanut sauce.

Vegetarian chilli basil ‘pak kra pow’ - £6.50

Tofu and mixed vegetables wok-fried with garlic, chilli and Thai basil.

Jungle curry ‘gaeng ba’ - £6.50

With shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots, aubergine, lesser ginger, red curry paste, fresh tofu and Thai sweet basil.

Bean curd panang ‘panang tow hoo’ - £6.50

Fresh tofu braised with green peppercorn, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaf, red panang curry, coconut sauce and crispy Thai basil.


Seasonal greens with oyster sauce - £4.95

Ginger fried mixed vegetable - £4.95

Noodles and rice

Pad Thai - £5.95

Classic Thai noodles stir-fried with prawns, chicken, peanuts, tofu, beansprouts and lime.

Pad Thai vegetarian - £4.95

Rice noodles with shiitake mushrooms, tofu, baby corn, french beans, peanuts, beansprouts and lime.

Sauteed chilli & garlic sliced chicken noodles ‘pad kee mow’ - £5.95

With onions, aubergine, bamboo shoots, crushed garlic, chilli and sweet basil.

Smoked chicken fried noodles ‘guay teaw kua gai’ - £5.45

Rice stick noodles stir-fried with chicken, egg, pak choi and toasted sesame seed.

Egg fried noodles - £3.00

Thin rice noodles with soy sauce and spring onions.

Whole earth noodles - £5.20

Fresh egg noodles sauteed with mixed vegetables and fresh tofu.

Egg fried rice - £3.00

Jasmine plain rice - £2.30

Sticky rice - £2.75

Garlic brown rice - £2.75

Coconut rice - £2.75

‘Poisian’ rice (eight heroes noodles) - £4.95

Glass noodles stir-fried with eight kinds of vegetables.

Siam fried rice - £5.75

Fried rice with any meat of your choice. Chicken / prawns / mixed seafood / pork.

Exotic vegetarian fried rice - £5.20

With pineapple, egg, tofu, sweet potato and cashew nuts.

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